Choosing Colors for your Company

Did you know you can select your company colors from a single photo or multiple photos? Each color has a 6 digit number/letter code that tells the computer what color it is, this is called a Hex Code. You would type this #ACD0C0 for the light blue that is feature above. Every color has a Hex Code.

To find color codes you can do all sorts of things. First, find a photo of something you like the color of like a pillow or sunset, then you can select the photo and upload it on a Color Pallet Generator Website like Canva has and they will tell you some of the dominant colors. Or you can upload it on this website and use your mouse to get specific colors on the image.

Once you have all of your codes, you can use these as your main colors for when you create graphics in Canva or give them to your designer!

Here’s a really great video that uses a similar website to select color codes and how you can put these into Canva:

Canva has incredible resources for learning and utilizing colors in your designs. Here’s a page with information on pallets, color meanings, and how to use them! Check out this article to figure out your color combinations.

Here’s a great video on tints and shades!

Here’s a great video on color harmony!

Picking colors doesn’t have to be hard. What are your tips and tricks? Comment below! Any questions?

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