Creating a Branding Sheet/Style Guide + Finding Fonts

After I have created the colors for my brand, I start working on fonts so I can create an entire picture of what I’d like my brand to be. One of the fastest ways I create a logo is by searching through fonts. These days, a logo does not need a symbol, it can be as simple as a very simple font and you’re done!

Beyond logos, having a great set of fonts you always use will give your brand consistency and get you on track to creating a Branding Sheet.

Branding Sheet

With fonts, colors and logos, you can create a Branding Sheet (also known as a Style Guide). This is a page or two document with your fonts, colors, and logos that you put on at least one page. Some people put photos so they can show a photographer their preference in style of photos.

The great thing about branding sheets is that you can give these to your designer or anyone planning on working with your brand and they know the guidelines that you work with to create you anything that will be “on brand” (within your branding guidelines).

simple search on Pinterest of “branding sheet style sheet” will give you a lot of great examples (shown above).

Finding Fonts

There are a few options for searching for fonts. Many times you can input a text into the website and “try on” the font.

  • has a lot of great fonts and even font pairings that go great together. They have all of the Google Fonts and more.
  • A great place to start looking, many times you’ll get results from another popular place to find fonts:
  • This one is one of my favorites. You can upload an image into their sister site and find the matching font on My Fonts.
  • Google Fonts  Is one of the best resources for website friendly fonts.

(!!) Just because you buy a fancy font doesn’t mean that it will work on websites.   

Note: When you purchase a font, it’s very easy to upload a font into Canva. You will download it and upload it into Canva, but you need a Pro account.

Here are some great videos from Canva on picking the right font for your brand!

Additional Reading

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