Creating a Branding Vision Board

One of my favorite things is creating a vision board for what I’d like my brand to look like. How do I do this? It’s easy! And it’s fun!

First, I sign up for Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that allows you to “pin” (bookmark) photos from all over the internet into one place called a “board” so you can visually look at it, just as if you were tearing out pages from a magazine and gluing them on a big poster board.

What’s cool about Pinterest is that you can create lots of “boards” and make some of them private so no one can see them or privately share them with your team or friends.

You can also sell products with Pinterest, but more on that later.

What to Pin on Your Vision Board:

  • Starting off I look for colors and start searching for things like “yellow pillows” or “orange decor” and start “pinning” items I like to my board.
  • I might search for:
    • Vintage Magazines
    • Cute, Minimal, Manly, Rustic, Vintage, Modern Logos depending on what I’m looking for.
    • Branding Vision Board
    • Girly Branding Board
    • Branding Color ideas
    • Madewell dresses (I love Madewell so I start looking for colors I like)
    • Cool Fonts – like how you were looking for logos you can put all sorts of adjectives in front of the word fonts.
    • Packaging ideas
  • Once I find something I like and click on the photo, many similar photos will show up below that photo. Then I’ll start saving those.

Once I’ve established an idea of what direction I want to go in, I’ll start to take off the pins that no longer match my vision for my brand. From here I’ll send the entire board to my designer or start using it myself to start creating designs and colors for my company.

Additional Resources

Unsure of where to start with your design vision? Here’s a great video from Canva on creating a mood board for your brand!

Everyone has a different process to figure out what they want to do with their brand. What do you do? Any questions?

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