You may think that you need to hire a designer to create a logo, and in many times you may need to, but lucky for you, many logos are getting more and more simple these days.

Basics of Logos

A company should try and start with a good logo and good branding, it will get them off on the right foot, but it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is to get started. Don’t let the fear of not having the perfect image stop you from getting started.

Do you need to hire someone to create a logo? No. You don’t need to! It’s good to have a designer to help you put your logo on things and you’ll want to eventually get a type of file that can be zoomed in or shrinking without looking weird, which is called a vector file, but you don’t have to have that to start.

I personally always start my journey for logos and branding at It’s a great website that shows lots of cool fonts which give you an idea of all sorts of styles you could do for your brand.  What’s cool about the website is that you can test out different fonts by putting your company name in the box at the top and it will “try on” the fonts with your business name.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure what you choose is easy to read. There are many fonts that are difficult to read. Perhaps print one out if it looks difficult to read and show friends for 3 seconds and ask them what it says, if they can’t read it quickly, choose a different font.
  • Grab a few fonts, and screenshot them (on a mac hold down Command, Shift & 4 then draw the area you want to take a photo of on your computer), then show them to a lot of people and survey what font they like the best. 
  • Check out the sale fonts too to save some money!
  • You can either buy the font, or try to find one similar in your design program like Canva.
  • Canva has a lot of great templates for Logos, another great place to try out.
  • Survey – The idea is to pick 2-3 different fonts that speak to you and then start to survey people in your target market. If I have a dainty necklace, I’m going to survey women 20-40 years old first. I’m not going to ask my grandmother that tends to wear more bulky jewelry or a father. Very rarely do men pick out jewelry.

Here are some articles on logos for beginnerscreating logosborrowing from famous logos, and a great video from Canva below on choosing a logo design!

Have any tips? Questions? Let us know in the comments below! We’re all here to help!

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