Every Sales Tax Link You’ll Ever Need

We’ll be one of the first to tell you that Sale Tax can be complicated as you grow larger and sell online and around the US.

It starts off very easy if you do business and markets locally. You just sign up with your state and file either monthly or periodically depending on how your state does business with tiny companies.

Where it starts to get complicated is when you’re growing on Etsy, selling on Amazon and selling all over the United States. This is because each state has different laws if you’re selling products, as well as if you hit a certain amount of products sold in a state, you need to register in that state.

But have no fear, we have every link you’ll ever need below and also once you grow to the sized company where you are in multiple states and on a lot of platforms, you should really call a bookkeeper or sales tax specialist because they will keep up on all of your due dates and taxes and save you a lot of money.

Tax Jar

After asking our own bookkeeper and asking around to other accountants, they have all unanimously recommended Tax Jar. What does Tax Jar do? Pretty much everything.

It has all of the resources you need to learn about taxes you need to pay. You can hook up your Etsy and Amazon and Shopify to it and it will tell you how much you have due to various states each month. It will help you pay your sales tax for you on certain plans, it will generate all sorts of reports and generally make your life a whole lot easier.

We have included many articles from their company below but if you do decide to use their service, signing up through our referral link by Clicking Here helps support our team so we can keep bringing you great content!

Researching for Shows

Whenever I enter into a new city for my markets, I google “[CITY NAME] Sales Tax” and many times the city has a legitimate website ending in .gov that I am able to contact regarding sales tax. I have had some city be complicated with their sales tax, but everyone I have ever talked to (which is many) have been incredibly nice and helpful.

Below we have further links to help you with this.

Resale Certificate Benefits

Whenever we host a market, we need to research sales tax  In this article, How Much Do You Need To Know About Taxes and LegalI go over Sales Tax Perks and how if you are registered for sales tax you get a “Resale Certificate”. This is a document you can show companies that sell you materials so that you no longer have to pay sales tax on materials used to make your products. I give some examples in that article.

Here’s a big list of useful links! 

Check out this guide for how sales tax works 

State Sales Tax Guides

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Every State

How often do I need to file sales tax?

How do I calculate how much tax is due?

All the links you’ll need on registering for sales tax

What is Sales and Use Tax?

Setting Up Sales Tax On Your Websites

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How do I begin to file my sales tax returns?

How much does Tax Jar cost?

Will Amazon file tax returns for me?

Generating Reports That Tell You How Much Sales Tax is Due

How to file tax returns using Tax Jar

Will Tax Jar file my returns for me?

Can Tax Jar file overdue returns?

How much does it cost for Tax Jar to automatically file my sales tax?

How will you know when to set up sales tax in other states? Here’s a few good links:

What is a Nexus?

How do I know where I have a Nexus?

Have a good sales tax resource? Add it in the comments below! 

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