If you’re going to invest in anything for your product and to bring it to the next level, look into improving your packaging. But know, that you do not need to have expensive packaging to have your company look amazing.

Sometimes the ugliest packaging is just as expensive as the trendy kind. This is because when a trendy type of packaging starts selling well, then that means that other types of companies will start to produce more and more if it in bigger quantities, thus lowering the prices.

Ways to save on packaging:

  • Instead of getting bottles or packages printed on directly, look into stickers that you can apply to all sorts of bottles.
  • Kraft Paper can easily be stamped. Look into stamping options and buy a custom stamp on Etsy.
  • Buy labels at an office supply store and print labels at home to stick on the packaging.

When Designing your Packaging

  1. Easy to read – Can someone see it from afar? Is the font hard to read? Too small? Too big? Spaced well?
  2. Try using Canva if you think you can do it without a designer.
  3. If you can’t do it alone, hire a designer and check out this article: Hiring a Designer
  4. Here’s a link to a great article called, Ultimate Guide to Product Packaging Design. 
  5. Here are some great packaging design examples and tips from Canva.
  6. Look at products and research various types of products. We suggest checking out the Pinterest if you can’t get out to look at lots of prodcuts.
  7. Look into other industries for ideas.
  8. Add personal notes or thank you notes inside the packaging. This can help increase future sales if you add coupon codes!
  9. Ultimately your target market needs to love the packaging so survey your packaging with your target market! 
  10. There are a lot of cool packaging companies on Etsy.com
  11. Work up to buying your own printers if you decide to print labels and things, but don’t do it off the bat

Check out this video from Canva on creating packaging!

Did we miss any tips?! Comment below and let us know if you need any help!

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