Let’s talk about another secret sauce to success. Surveys.

Why is Surveying Valuable?

Whenever you start a business you are trying to figure out what people want. The problem is, sometimes people don’t know what they want; you need to tell them what they want. Or their wants change.

Various types of products and styles come in and out of fashion. A minimal and crisp packaging gets overtaken by the new, bold flowery packaging of their competitor the next year.

Surveying tells your company what people want and how they are changing. You never want to stop surveying.

Types of Surveys

Surveys aren’t limited to long, emailed questionnaires. Or standing outside with a clipboard. These methods can work, but they aren’t the only way.

Getting into a market is a great way to survey.

My dad would always tell me, people vote with their feet and their money. Which means that at a market, traffic and sales are a good indicator of the booths and products that the attendees like.

Many makers will update their booth display, product packaging, signage and outfits to fit their brand and see a big spike in their sales.

Why is this? It is because your entire booth, product, signage, packaging and even appearance is a form of communication to another person you don’t know. It gives them a vibe and people get attracted to others with a similar or appealing vibe.

It’s one of the reasons I have seen well priced and quality food do so well at events; people love food! It’s also sometimes why I have seen more edgy and gothic products not do as well in our markets; they’re just not the right vibe for the market or the attendees. Many times those companies would do much better at a music festival, for example.

Have Many Types of Products

One of the best ways I find to survey new products when starting your company is to have multiple types of products, prices, and packaging at the beginning. See what sells!

I have seen many makers in my markets start off selling one thing and end up selling something completely different.

For example, when Bohemian Reves came into my first market, her main product was soap. She sold mainly soaps, then later added creams, hair care product and eventually I started seeing candles show up. She did so well, she started selling other bohemian types of products like blankets. Just this past year she opened up her own storefront and boutique and she sells anything and everything bohemian, like: plants, clothes, perfumes and more. She’s a great example of not only surveying but naming her company in a way that she was able to expand into all sorts of areas.

Bottom Line

In the beginning, worry about getting started. Continue to evolve, continue to try new products, switch up packaging and branding, find your price points and find your people.

You will start to vibe with a certain type of clientele. From there, ask them questions when they come to your booth. Never stop creating, evolving and growing.

Here is a great new product survey template from Survey Monkey.

If you have any survey tips, put them in the comments below! 

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