The Basic Pillars to Start Your Business

First off, don’t get overwhelmed starting out, the most important thing to do is just START.

Getting Started is Better Than Not Even Trying

It doesn’t matter if you create something that isn’t perfect, what’s most important is creating something and improving as time goes on and seeing how well it’s received. Many of the greatest companies that you’ve seen started out with one product, continued to evolve and ended up with a completely different product or variation of an existing one.

The Secret Sauce to Success

One of the most important things that you can do when starting your company is to find a product that you can produce that is in demand or needed. When starting out, it’s a good idea to pick a general category of goods or services instead of just picking one specific product.

For Example: If you name your company Patty’s Pickles, and your company grows to make other types of canned goods, it may be harder to describe why a pickle company is now selling jams.

The most important thing you can remember is that companies never stay the same, the ones that try to stay the same and don’t evolve are the ones you’ve never heard of.

Take MySpace, AOL, and Yahoo, for example, all of these companies started a product and didn’t listen to their customers and pivot when they saw opportunities to grow.

On the other hand, Facebook bought Instagram many years ago, making them the largest social media platform in the world today. These were two different products that were similar but different in many ways. Did you notice that when SnapChat started to get huge, Instagram integrated Stories seamlessly into their platform? They saw the opportunity to add to their product line and they did!

Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing all sorts of companies pivot and make products that are in high demand. Products like masks, gloves, cleaning solutions and hand sanitizers to name a few are popping up everywhere. These are companies that are changing with the times.

Other examples are companies now offering delivery and shipping options. There are even some farms now offering video conferencing with animals due to the popularity of video conferences.

So when you get started, be sure to know that you may start as one thing and end up as something else and try your best to choose a path where you can pivot. 

One last example of this is a company that would rid houses of mold called Mold Zero. They saw the need to change with the times, so they grew an area of their company that was less in demand and launched Germ Zero, a mist that disinfects schools and corporate spaces of viruses and bacteria.

All of these are great examples of companies that have changed with the times, but always remember, worst case scenario if you started something once, you can do it again. So don’t sweat the small stuff and just get started.  

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