Two Keys to Pivoting (or Being Successful for that Matter)

Earlier, I wrote a post about pivoting under the COVID resources, but I wanted to go ahead and highlight one specific thing that was slightly touched upon and not emphasized enough.

Find what people need and produce it.

It’s so simple, but it’s 100% true.

You need to ask these questions:

  • What types of products do people need?
  • What kind of price point can I offer it for that they can afford it?
  • How do people want to buy it?

Once those are in place, and you’re rolling, the next step is to promote. And I mean promote. 

The most successful people you see were not overnight successes. They got their product, they got their website and branding down and they started pouring on the promotion.

You need to take the amount that you think you should promote and 10x it. If you aren’t spending your time making your product you need to be spending it on promotion.

It’s actually something internally we are about to start doing this week.

Let me show you what we are going to be personally doing to promote and maybe you’ll get a few new ideas:

  • We’re starting with Facebook Ads, we’ve uploaded all past makers and many we’ve researched so that Facebook can not only target our target market, but others that look like them.
  • Next, we’re going to start to write every single day in the group and get more posts out. Making our service more valuable.
  • We’ll take our various posts and schedule them out into the future. We’ll take these blog posts and make extra content out of them.
  • We’ll take existing makers inside the community and highlight them.
  • We’ll come up with cool viral-worthy quotes we can post about and this will help with traction.
  • We’ll find other cool makers and business influencers to collab with to try to get cross promotion going.
  • We will interact with every single one of our followers and give them little snippets of cool info to help them.
  •  We’ll update our website so that we can add blog posts and other cool info for all.
  • We’ll get back to the studio and shoot more cool courses.
  • We’ll take our existing course and break it up into shorter videos (if you’re a maker you can make short videos of your process and all sorts of fun things).

Once we’re done with that we’ll see where we are! Our goal is 500 makers in the community and we want you all to make 500 sales by the same point too!

Ready, set, go.

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