What is Branding? Getting Started

This is a great question. Branding is the cohesiveness and aesthetic of a brand. It’s the consistency of showing your company to the world many times in a similar fashion so that when someone sees something similar they think of your company.

Some color combinations like yellow and red might make someone think of McDonald’s, or a red striped shirt with a hat could make you think of Waldo. These are examples of branding.

If you can watch a commercial and know the company before the end, this shows that they have communicated who they are as a company.

If you can see the packaging of a product before you can read the label, then this means they’ve done a great job on their branding.

If you smell a delicious burger and know the restaurant by smell, this is also great branding.

Branding is anything consistent that someone can recognize your company by. 

When a company goes through new branding, this means they are changing the company: messaging, look and feel, vibe or direction.

When Branding applies to the look and feel, this means the cohesiveness of the look across all platforms and consistency.

How do you get your brand out there?

The process involved is done by creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind and getting this image out through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Read more about the definition of branding from the Business Dictionary.

Getting Started

  • Branding is important. But it’s doesn’t have to be perfect from the get-go. Don’t overthink it. Getting started is the first step. 
  • Many companies solidify branding over time by putting out lots of products and styles and seeing where people gravitate. The brand is then created around and based on customer feedback. This is great, it shows the flexibility of your company.
  • Others have a clear idea of what they want their company to look like, which is great, but also if the person misses the mark, they will stay with the same brand and slowly die off.
  • If you’re a well-seasoned company, you’ll start to see that certain products sell better and at that point, you may want to invest a bit more time and energy into refining who you are as a company. Spending a bit of time to survey your current branding compared to a new one will give you an idea if you should shift. This can be as easy as putting a new product on your shelf and seeing if it sells well.

Bottom line

A brand isn’t just your logos and look and feel. It’s your reputation. It’s everything behind the name. So with our markets, we are able to continue to tweak our look and feel every year and see how people respond.

Try lots of different styles, lots of different designs, and see what people respond to. We do this constantly with markets, we’ll have ads that are very consistent with our look and feel then, throw in 3-5 more new ones. If our brand is performing best to get people to sign up to be a maker or buy tickets, we know we’re on the right track. But if for some reason other styles perform better, we continue to tweak our design.

People know us for having a great time, having a place they can find a market full of cool artists, play in photo booths and make a DIY craft. NOT just our logo, fonts and colors. So don’t forget your culture is also a part of your brand and a brand is a communication that is consistent.

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